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Are you feeling locked into a long contract with outdated software? Did you recently purchase a recruiting solution that can’t deliver the flexibility you need? No problem, switch to Ascendify. We’ll deliver our platform free of licensing fees until your current contracts end (up to a year). So, why wait? Upgrade today. Refer to the Frequently Asked Questions.

Choose which platform meets your needs

Ascendify offers flexible purchase choices based on the size of your organization and solution you choose:

Recruitment Marketing Platform:
includes three of Ascendify's five modules at a lower price, enables organizations to attract and engage talent, easily find people and nurture long-term relationships, and integrates with your existing ATS.

Talent Acquisition Platform:
Ascendify's full, end-to-end talent suite, which combines our award-winning recruitment marketing platform with our own enterprise-class applicant tracking and onboarding solutions.

Flexible pricing models

Recruitment Marketing Platform

Talent Acquisition Platform

Recruitment Marketing  

Career Site Branding

Mobile Career Portals

Mobile Responsive

Talent Communities

Diversity Initiatives

Social Job Sharing

Employee Stories

Company News & Articles

Media Library

Job Distribution

Career Events

SEO Optimization

Facebook Career Page

Candidate Dashboard

Employee Referrals

Candidate Relationships  

Web Sourcing

Join Talent Community

Talent Pipelines & Tags


Advanced People Search

Silver Medalists

Branded Emails

Campaign Management

SMS Text Messaging

Landing Pages

Private Notes

Activity Tracking


Job Alerts

Open Web Search

Duplicate Profile Checking

EEO & OFCCP Compliance

Applicant Tracking  

Recruiter Dashboards


Intake Forms


Screening Questions

Competency-Based Hiring


Bulk Email Dispositioning

Stack Ranking

Customizable Workflows

Interview Scheduling

Interview Guides

Candidate Scoring

Agency Recruiter Portal

Employee Onboarding  

Offer Letters

Approval Routing

eSign & eVerify

Employee Records & Data

Workflows & Task Lists

Document Management

Learning & Training Library

Talent Analytics  

Pipeline Analytics

Source Tracking

Campaign Results

Referral Reports

Recruiting Activity

Real Time Metrics

Export to Excel

Stage Velocity

Time to Hire

Cost of Hire

Compliance Reporting

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ascendify’s typical pricing model?

Ascendify charges a license fee based on the number of employees in your organization (or in the business unit of the organization that will be using the service). Ascendify's license pricing for an end-to-end talent acquisition platform is usually lower than the combined expenses of an integrated solution, delivered by multiple vendors.

Are there any requirements for the free-to-switch program?

We require a (2) two-year commitment of annual license fees paid to Ascendify starting from the day your existing contract ends (up to one year in the future). If your contract does not expire during the next 12 months, then Ascendify will provide free service only for the first 12-months.

How often does Ascendify release new features?

Ascendify releases new features to production about 10 times per year, usually about once per month. New features are generally added to the platform with an On/Off switch in the Administration Console and are turned off by default, so you can turn new features on when you are ready.

How do you involve clients and determine what features to build next?

At the beginning of each month, we share what features are in development and invite any interested clients to join design partner review sessions to express their opinions. At this webinar, we also ask our clients to help us prioritize the long-term roadmap by telling us what is most important to them next.

Will you notify us in advance of new features?

Yes. At the beginning of the month, we share what features are in development and invite interested clients to participate in design reviews. Toward the end of the month, usually the last week of the month, we release features to each client’s User Acceptance Testing (UAT) environment (also known as a staging server). Clients have a week to review and provide feedback before we release to production. After the release has gone live, you will receive an email from Ascendify formally announcing the new features.

What if our organization can’t wait for a feature and need it immediately?

Ascendify offers the opportunity for our clients to fund the development of new, custom features. If you require a custom enhancement to Ascendify’s platform, our professional services team will work with you to scope the new feature and write-up a Statement of Work (SOW) which will identify the cost and timeframe to deliver the enhancement.

How long is a typical new client deployment?

On average, between 90 and 180 days. Some larger deployments are more complex, when custom features, data migrations, or non-standard integrations are involved. In many cases, we’ve been able to deploy faster with expedited service. A large portion of the timeline is controlled by the speed our clients move through Ascendify’s implementation checklist.