A smart talent platform with predictive intelligence built into the entire experience. Attract, engage and inspire at the enterprise level with machine learning that gets to know people and elevates performance.

Ascendify Aspire

Ascendify Aspire is an AI-powered career tool that helps people chart a path that aligns to your business needs – then guides them each step of the way.

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All Over.

What if your talent platform became smarter with every hire, skill assessment, and performance evaluation? What if talent acquisition and management enhanced and fed each other vs. operating in silos? This is what happens when artificial intelligence embraces its nurturing side.

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Attract & Engage

Talent Relationship Management:
Career websites, talent pipelines, recruitment marketing, employee referrals and diversity programs. Magnets with metrics.

Assess & Select

Applicant Tracking System:
job requisitions, interview scheduling, predictive assessments, offer letters and employee onboarding. Hello, tomorrow.

Grow & Develop

Employee Career Center:
Capability assessments, leadership programs, learning acceleration, pulse surveys and talent marketplace. Cultivate your talent.

Predict & Plan

Enterprise People Planning:
Workforce strategy, job structure, people analytics, performance management and succession planning. Strategize with data.
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Modern Design.

Our software encourages collaboration and rapid feedback. There’s a modern interface designed for togetherness and on-the-fly sharing of insights and opinions. One app, one place, everyone involved in hiring actually involved.

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"When we created GE Digital, we needed people to drive our transformation. We used Ascendify's talent acquisition platform to hire and recruit digital talent and its talent management platform to develop, grow and promote talent into the right roles for our future."

Jen Waldo, CHRO GE Digital

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Employee Engagement and Retention

Employee Engagement and Retention.

The first guide to explore how to engage, inspire and retain employees. It's packed with tools & tactics that empower employees to turn interests and passions into rewarding careers within your organization.

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How Enterprises are Adapting to the Gig Economy

How Enterprises are Adapting to the Gig Economy.

A deep look at how enterprises are adjusting to and taking inspiration from the gig economy — as well as how intelligent people management makes it possible to bring gig work into the modern enterprise.

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Ultimate Guide to The Ultimate Candidate Experience

The Ultimate Guide to The Ultimate Candidate Experience.

A guide that walks through the full candidate experience step by step, with dozens of improvements you can make to optimize each touchpoint prospective employees have with your company.

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