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8 HR Tech Companies Using AI to Enable the Future of Work

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As the makers of an AI-powered talent platform, we’re consistently enthused by the growing wave of new & improving AI-powered HR tech solutions our space has seen in recent years. From machine learning and predictive analytics to neural networks and natural language processing (and so much more), industry innovators are continuously finding new ways to optimize inefficient or inadequate talent processes with data intelligence. We’re even making previously impossible initiatives a reality. It’s an exciting time.

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People Analytics, Future of Work, and Why We’re Excited for PAFOW

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Are you attending the upcoming People Analytics & Future of Work (PAFOW) event here in San Francisco (February 1-2)? We’re a sponsor, and we couldn’t be more “in line” with this conference — the name itself says it all. As a smart talent platform provider with an evolutionary vision, both people analytics and the future of work are concepts we’re constantly discussing, debating, and building for around here. We’re looking forward to getting other industry folks’ thoughts on these increasingly important topics, and attending the many sure-to-be-insightful sessions.

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Smart Succession Planning: How AI Helps Find and Prepare Your Future Leaders

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Having a trained and ready “bench” of future leaders — to fill key roles as employees move on or retire from your organization — is certainly an easy goal to get behind. Alas, it’s not always an easy goal to achieve. HR and recruiting teams are busy often too busy to turn their attention inward, and succession planning, done right, can be complex and time-consuming. Not to mention, more urgent matters can frequently push succession planning down the priority list. It’s a precarious position to be in — but it’s not uncommon.

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Enterprise Talent Management: A 2-Part Strategy for Adjusting to the Gig Economy

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In recent years, the so-called gig economy has effectively gone from emerging trend to the way much of work … works. Many people think of Uber drivers, TaskRabbit “Taskers”, and the like when they think of the gig economy; a broader definition includes the practice of businesses increasingly utilizing contractors, freelancers, and independent consultants. It also includes the changing goals and preferences of today’s workers — freedom, variety, a wide set of experiences — that lead them to seek gig-based careers. It’s this broader definition we’re working from in this post.

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The 10 Elements of a Successful Recruitment Marketing Strategy: Part I

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Today’s leading recruiting teams know that to succeed in a tight talent market, they really need to nail recruitment marketing. Competition is steep, and high performers have their pick of opportunities; a solid recruitment marketing plan ensures you’re attracting and engaging top candidates. Need some guidance on what to include in your plan? Here are the 10 most important pieces.

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Quality of Hire

Increasing Quality Of Hire: 3 Keys To Finding and Hiring the Right Candidates

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This is an excerpt from our new ebook, “Quality of Hire: 7 Ways to Get the Right Candidates (and Get Them to Stay).” Download a free copy of the full ebook here.

Like all business functions these days, HR departments are now data- and metrics-driven. Hiring teams are measuring their success and optimizing their performance for efficiency — but they may be missing the most critical measure of success: quality of hire.

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