How To Bring a Gig Focus to Large Enterprise Companies

The gig economy has helped to give birth to Ascendify's Talent Marketplace - an intelligent app that allows internal employees to follow their passions.

How To Bring a Gig Focus to Large Enterprise Companies


The so-called gig economy has been picking up steam for years, and it’ll be no different in 2018. While there are certainly kinks to work out in the model, workers and companies alike are enjoying the pros of project-based arrangements: freedom, variety, and experience for the workers; efficiency, cost-savings, and low-risk “employment” for organizations.

As “gigging” becomes more and more the norm, companies are beginning to rethink how they structure roles and adapt to a world in which even their long-term employees yearn for constant new challenges and opportunities.

To that end, we’ve therefore released our Talent Marketplace, an intelligent app that can be used to manage consultants and contractors and match full-time employees with specific initiatives and teams that fit their talents and interests as part of ongoing career development.

This innovation can be offered as a stand-alone app, or deployed as part of our full Intelligent People Management™ platform. Talent Marketplace helps to bring a gig focus to large enterprise companies around the world at a time when the gig economy is reshaping the employer-to-employee relationship.

According to Deloitte, more than one in three US workers are freelancers — a figure expected to grow to 40 percent by 2020 — and 42% of employers expect to increase their use of these contingent workers in the next three to five years. Our Talent Marketplace is a new solution that allows large companies try out the concepts of the gig economy with their existing workforce, without making radical changes. It lets employees designate a percentage of their time to join and self-assemble onto small projects, wherever company needs and employee interests intersect.

The Talent Marketplace solution encompasses two key parts:


Talent Marketplace helps companies manage contingent labor (consultants and contractors), while providing them with a place to develop stronger relationships with these workers.

  • Intelligently know who is moving on/off projects
  • Understand what unique skill sets people have
  • Easily access and plan what projects they go onto next
  • Sign contracts and paperwork electronically


Talent Marketplace has been deployed for Deloitte, as part of the Deloitte open talent network.


Most next-gen millennials don’t want to work in the same job their entire life. While they may want to move around, they often wouldn’t mind working for the same company if the opportunity to move around internally was available.

Ascendify’s AI-driven Intelligent Talent Matching leverages deep-data on every employee’s capabilities, interests and passions. Intelligent and social recommendations are then provided based on endorsements from fellow team members, as talent rolls off of completed projects and becomes ready for new ones.

Built in partnership with GE and Cisco, our Talent Marketplace allows internal employees to “move around” wherever their skills take them. It also seamlessly integrates with Ascendify’s full talent acquisition and talent management platform, so that enterprise companies can gain a complete view of talent.

People today value a flexible schedule and the freedom to define their own career path, but most human capital apps have not evolved to meet this new way of working. Talent Marketplace — and our 90-day pilot program — lets companies experiment in defining the future of work, without disrupting the rest of the organization.

Request a Demo today, and we’d be happy to show you exactly how it works.