Your next hire is just a text away

Streamline and automate all communication. Send email and text/SMS messages in bulk. View every message, across all channels, from the entire team, all in one place. Recruiters no longer need to use their own phone.

Reach candidates on their mobile phone

Connect with talent by email, text or phone, over mobile or laptop, across all team members — all from one screen. Stop getting ghosted.

Consolidate all communication in one place





Text / SMS

Send meaningful content and stay relevant

Help your team stay connected with candidates. Invite them to upcoming events, share new job openings, and send relevant news articles — easily added with one click. (Or, try Ascendify’s new, fullyautomated outreach).

Send personalized message at scale

Standardize the best performing messages across the team. Personalize each message with field codes. Included are dozens of pre-written templates, proven to get results.

Find out what works best, then repeat

Built in A/B testing shows you which messages convert best. Optimize performance and make sure messages never go unanswered again!

Reach candidates based on their preference

Some candidates prefer email. Others prefer text/SMS. Ascendify learns the communication preferences of each candidate and auto-sends in their preferred method. More responses. Less unsubscribes.

Analytics tools predict performance

Robust data, reporting and insights help you learn what's working best. Instantly see deliverable rates, engagement levels and bounces across all your talent pools and campaigns.

We had a request to buy new mobile phones for every recruiter so they can connect with candidates via text. Instead, using Ascendify's Communication Center, we enabled all recruiters to text right out of the app (with no additional data charges). We probably saved over $50,000 on phones and monthly telecom bills.

Manager Talent Acquisition Operations
National Food & Beverage Company