Candidate Relationships


Spend less time sourcing and more time building relationships. Ascendify helps teams build a talent network and enables recruiters to build meaningful connections at scale with efficiency and automation.

Attract Engage Select Hire

Talent Pipelines.

Keep Talent Organized
and Within Reach.

Stay in touch and build long-term relationships. Then, convert passive talent into qualified applicants when the time is right to apply. Automatically organize talent into pre-defined pipelines by job role. Quickly grow your talent network and keep people sorted and tagged in searchable folders.

Screenshot - Keep Talent Organized and Within Reach

Eliminate Tedious
Data Entry.

Add candidates to the CRM from anywhere on the web in just a few clicks. Ascendify automatically checks for duplicates and parses online profiles into contact records. Talent is automatically added to the right place which saves hours of time moving people around.

Screenshot - Elimnate Tedious Data Entry

Drag And Drop
To Create Profiles.

Drag dozens of resumes over at the same time and create a profile for each person. Ascendify automatically parses resumes and categorizes people by skills and experience.

Screenshot - Drag and Drop to Create Profiles

Say Goodbye To

Now, recruiting teams can move off spreadsheets and into a collaborative platform where candidates are tracked and shared across the organization. Import leads from recruiting events. Keep everything organized.

Screenshot - Say Goodbye to Spreadsheets

Lists, Folders
& Tags.

Icon -  List, Folders & Tags

Save people to favorites and easily tag talent with keywords. Skills are automatically tagged and searchable. Candidates can be added to multiple folders and lists can be shared with others for more collaboration.

Status, Notes
& History.

Icon - Status, Notes & History

All activity is date/time stamped so you'll always know the latest status and all prior communication with everyone at your organization. Anyone on your team can pick up right where you left off.

Helpful Browser

Icon - Helpful Browser Plug-ins

Ascendify Sidekick is a Chrome extension that lets recruiters highlight text of a candidate's profile from anywhere on the web and create a new record in the CRM, saving valuable time.

100% Mobile.

Recruiters can now send and receive text/SMS messages and phone calls securely, right from the app, over WiFi. They no longer need their own personal phone service. Track messages in the app, reduce expenses for personal phone usage and maintain compliance with candidates that opt out.

One-click phone calls require an integration with a VOIP service, such as RingCentral, in our partner network.

Screenshot - 100% Mobile

Message Center.


To engage today's hardest to reach candidates, you'll need an omni- channel approach. Ascendify's message center connects you to talent across multiple channels and devices – all from one screen. Message Center brings together all the communication between the candidate and anyone at your organization. Eliminate the barriers that hinder conversations and unify the candidate's experience.

Screenshot - Make Converstation

Smart Email/SMS

More responses. Less unsubscribes. Recruiters send and receive texts right from the app (without having to use their personal phone). Ascendify automatically determines the communication preferences of each candidate and sends messages in the preferred format. Built-in intelligence shows you which messages have a best chance of getting their attention. Important messages never go missing again!

Screenshot - Email/SMS Message Response Rates
Screenshot - Smart Email/SMS Messages

Maximize Candidate

Share with candidates the reason why their lives will be so much better when they connect with you about their future. Save time with email and SMS templates. Personalize your messages with merge field codes, link them to relevant content and engage them at key moments.

More Ways to
Stay Connected.

Ascendify helps your team stay connected with people in your talent network by quickly and easily inviting them to upcoming events, sharing recent job opportunities and sending relevant news articles.


Robust data, reporting and insights help you learn what's working and what's not. Instantly see read-rates, engagement levels and bounce rates across your talent pools. Change the message to fit each candidate's preferences.

Ascendify's smart messaging platform helps us maintain compliance in our outreach. Candidates set their preferences and can unsubscribe, opt-out or delete their profile in accordance with GDPR and CCPA regulations.

- Legal/Risk Compliance Officer
   at a leading recruiting firm

Email/Text Campaigns.

Branded Outreach.
Keep Talent Engaged.

Create and automate campaigns, track all touchpoints and discover what content works best. Recruiting is now revealing. Create branded newsletters, invitations, event registrations, job alerts, and more. Simply select a list of people, choose a template, add content, preview and send. Voila!

Screenshot - Branded Outreach

Keep Candidates
Informed At Every Stage.

Share a job opening, confirm a meeting, invite them to an event and let them know the next step in the process – all via SMS. Choose from a library of pre-written 140 character templates or write your own.

Screenshot - Keep Candidates Informed at Every Stage

100+ Templates
Written By Experts.

Take advantage of professionally- written message templates and improve the candidate experience. Automatically send a note at each step (thank-you, schedule interview, move forward, decline a candidate). Advanced features include field codes, mail-merge and delayed message sending.

Screenshot - 100+ Templates Written by Experts

Rest Assured By
Staying Compliant.

Ascendify helps protect organizations against data privacy issues and prohibited communication practices. Candidates can set their communication preferences and opt-in to receiving email or SMS/text messages when they join the talent network or apply to a job.

Screenshot - Rest Assured by Staying Compliant

Recruiting Events.

One Platform For All Recruiting Initiatives.

Finally, a recruiting app your entire team will love. Rather than a bunch of disconnected tools, teams leverage one, seamlessly unified, smart platform to drive all hiring initiatives.


Icon - Executive Recruiting

Build confidential, executive pipelines and recruit the next generation of leaders today. Be prepared when the unexpected happens.

Silver Medalist

Icon - Silver Medalist Programs

Tap into an underused source of talent. Nurture relationships with qualified, finalists who nearly got a previous job. Invite them back on another role.


Icon - University Recruiting

Setup career fair landing pages and collect resumes with an iPad. Follow-up with a personalized email or text message and schedule the interview.


Icon - High-volumne Hiring

Need to fill the same role over and over? Then, put Ascendify's automation and machine learning to work and dramatically reduce time and effort.


Icon - Internship Programs

The best interns, those that can make the biggest impact on your organization, have choices. Attract them to your program before your competition.


Icon - Diversity Hiring

Encourage diversity by setting up corporate-sponsored talent networks focused on women, minorities, veterans, individuals with disabilities, and more.

All Over.

Here's what a smart app can do: match people into talent pipelines, personalize content for candidates and auto-schedule interviews. Sourcing gets x-ray vision, selection becomes strategic, and the app gets smarter with every use.

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