Employee Onboarding

New Hire
Red Carpet.

Go ahead, get creative. Improve every aspect of the candidate's journey, from first impression to first day. Setup new hires for success with a paperless process. Measure everything and gain powerful, end-to-end recruiting insights. Hire on!

Attract Engage Select Hire

Offer Letters.

Prepare & Route Offer
Letters In A Few Clicks.

Build a library of offer letter templates by department or division — simply embed field codes and mail-merge. Automatically route offers for approvals and e-signatures. All offer letters are stored securely and remain confidential.

Screenshot - Prepare & Route Offer Letters in a Few Clicks

Close Offers In A
Fraction Of The Time.

Being first gives you the advantage. Move faster on candidates with rapid approvals and impress candidates with a streamlined offer process. Busy teams can approve with 1-click or e-sign from any mobile device — no more waiting on everyone else.

Screenshot - Close Offers in a Fraction of the Time


Roll Out the
Red Carpet.

Bring strategy to onboarding. Ensure new hires are engaged and productive. Ascendify delivers a great experience for every new employee by reducing paperwork, streamlining processing and auto-filling documents.

Screenshot - Roll Out the Red Carpet

Deliver an Awesome
New Hire Experience.

Automate onboarding tasks, verify employment, auto-fill forms and accept e-signatures online. Set tasks with due dates that are automatically checked off when completed. Internal tasks, such as reference checks and equipment purchases, are not visible to new hires. Survey employees on their experience and make process improvements.

Screenshot - Deliver an Awesome New Hire Experience

Keep Everything On
Track. Reduce Errors.

Increase HR administrator productivity. Documents can be filled out online and retained with the employee's profile, hidden from others. Streamline processing, ensure accuracy, and reduce the risk of errors for an audit. Collect new hire information, including encrypted social security numbers.

Screenshot - Keep Everything On Track

Paperless Workflow.

Reduce paperwork and save time. Prepare all the necessary onboarding documents, articles, forms, employee handbooks and store them securely online. Automatic triggers can be set to route the necessary documents to each individual depending on their role or department.

Screenshot - Streamlined, Paperless Workflow

Off to a Great Start.

  • Welcome message from the CEO
  • Company vision, strategy and mission
  • Employee handbook and policies
  • Benefits, direct deposit, tax forms
  • I-9, E-Verify and background checks
  • Legal & confidentiality agreements
  • Skill development programs
  • HRIS information (encrypted SSN)
  • Candidate experience surveys
  • Company events & holidays

Internal Mobility.

Match Openings to
Internal Talent.

Recruiters can instantly see all internal talent, matched to new openings, right alongside all external talent. AI-powered talent matching stack ranks the best internal matches automatically.

Screentshot - Match Openings to Internal Talent

Help Employees
Find Their Next Role.

Give employees access to an internal job board which surfaces the ideal job openings for each employee based on their skills and experience.

Screenshot - Help Employees Find Their Next Role

Reduce Time
to Hire.

Fill openings faster by leveraging internal talent. Build internal pipelines, improve employee engagement & retention, advance more people in their careers and reduce onboarding work.

Screenshot - Reduce Time to Hire

Security & Compliance.

Enterprise Security.

Protecting your data is our business: annual SOC 2 Type II audits, manual penetration tests with all issues remediated, monthly scans, SSL certs, encryption of data at rest, data handling for special countries, background checks and security training of all employees.

Screenshot - Enterpise Security

Global Compliance.

Built-in compliance for all major global regulations:

  • OFCCP (Federal contractors)
  • EEO (Equal-opportunity)
  • CC-305 (Disability)
  • VEVRAA (Veterans)
  • GDPR (EU)
  • CCPA (California)
  • SCC (Standard clauses)

Candidate disqualification codes, search history for audit protection, double opt-in, structured interview processes, insurance and data protection under standard contractual clauses.

Screenshot - Global Compliance
Compliance Logos

Build Any Report.


Icon - Custom Reports

Set date ranges, filter by selected criteria and save your settings. Build your own reports or leverage our services team to add custom reports to your organization's dashboard.

to Excel.

Icon - Export to Excel

Download data tables to .CSV format for use with Microsoft Excel. Use pivot tables and other features to sort data. Send reports to key team members and keep everyone informed.

Via API.

Extract via API

Want to merge data with other HR and business intelligence solutions? No problem. All reportable data is extractable via API. Take your insights and analytics anywhere.

Analytics & Insights.

Standard Dashboards and Reports - Or Build Your Own.

Ascendify includes standard reports and an “ad hoc” builder so your data analyst can easily create their own reports. Impress others with end-to-end recruiting metrics, ready whenever anyone asks.

  • Application Usage
  • Pipeline Reports
  • Employee Referrals
  • Campaign Performance
  • Engagement Levels
  • Management Reports
  • Recruiter Activity
  • Job Board Results
  • UTM / Google Analytics
  • Source of Hire
  • Requisition Metrics
  • Workflow Stages
  • Candidate Report
  • Average Time in Stage
  • Conversions Charts
  • EEO Diversity Reporting
  • OFCCP Compliance Reports

All Over.

Here's what a smart app can do: match people into talent pipelines, personalize content for candidates and auto-schedule interviews. Sourcing gets x-ray vision, selection becomes strategic, and the app gets smarter with every use.

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