Gain insights to improve performance

To improve, you first need to measure. Ascendify includes all the real-time reports, personalized dashboards and custom ad hoc tools you need to discover actionable insights.

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View talent pipelines for all open requisitions

See how many people are moving through each stage on all projects. View which candidates are not moving forward and why not.

Measure and evaluate campaign performance

How effective was that email campaign? How many candidates visited that landing page? Get all the data you need to optimize future performance.

Track usage and predict future outcomes

Monitor and report on platform usage and adoption. See who is using the platform and how often. Predict the best times to send email and text messages to candidates.

Identify patterns of success, and repeat

View all the touch-points that led to a successful hire. Did they visit a website, read an email, or receive a text? Now, you can visualize all moments of influence.

Maximize your recruiting spend

Stop guessing where your best candidates come from. Track the effectiveness of each source. Compare job boards and learn where to invest.

Reveal top performing recruiters

As a recruiting manager, you can measure your team's activity and see which recruiters and sourcers are making the greatest contributions.

Identify bottlenecks in the process

Find out exactly where things are getting bogged down. Predict the number of days in each status based on past success. Then, streamline the process.

Unlimited Reporting Possibilities

Get over 60 standardized reports & dashboards or build your own. Impress others with end-to-end recruiting metrics, ready whenever anyone asks.

  • Application Usage

  • Pipeline Reports

  • Employee Referrals

  • Campaign Performance

  • Engagement Levels

  • Management Reports

  • Recruiter Activity

  • Job Board Results

  • UTM / Google Analytics

  • Source of Hire

  • Requisition Metrics

  • Workflow Stages

  • Candidate Report

  • Average Time in Stage

  • Conversions Charts

  • EEO Diversity Reporting

  • OFCCP Compliance Reports

Advanced reporting capabilities

Build custom reports

Ascendify builds custom reports

Set date ranges, filter by selected criteria and save your settings. Build your own reports or leverage our services team to add custom reports to your organization's dashboard.

Export to Excel

Ascendify exports to excel

Download data tables to .CSV format for use with Microsoft Excel. Use pivot tables and other features to sort data. Send reports to key team members and keep everyone informed.

Extract via API

Ascendify extracts via API

Want to merge data with other HR and business intelligence solutions? No problem. All reportable data is extractable via API. Take your insights and analytics anywhere.

Ascendify builds custom reports