Make interview scheduling easy

Ascendify's AI assistant auto-schedules everything from phone screens to complex panel interviews — and even books conference rooms.

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Eliminate back-and-forth emails

Eliminate the hassle of waiting to hear back if an interview time works and streamline scheduling efforts. Then, deliver gentle reminders about upcoming interviews.

Let candidates self-schedule

Cut the effort in scheduling interviews by 90%. Let candidates self-schedule into open time blocks. Save recruiters and hiring managers hours of time playing calendar Tetris.

Prepare candidates for a great experience

Help candidates put their best foot forward. Show them who's interviewing them and what to expect so they can prepare ahead of time. A map with clickable driving directions gets them off to a great start.

Set up the hiring team for success

Each member of the interview panel gets their own calendar invite with the candidate's resume and an interview guide so they are well prepared. No need to scramble to find anything right before the interview.

Works with Microsoft & Google

Integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar so emails and calendar invites look exactly as they do today — just automated.

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Scheduling for every interview type

1x1 phone screen

Complex panel interview

Remote interview