Make better hiring predictions with structure

Want better hiring outcomes? Start making smarter, data-driven decisions. This means a more intelligent way to identify the right people, what skills they have, and their future potential.

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Make smarter decisions with Predictive Hiring

Stop making impulsive decisions and start relying on data. Learn exactly who has the skills for the role and what gaps exist. Take insights from each hire and adjust future assessments. See the future, hire accordingly.

What is predictive hiring?

Put simply — it's decision superpowers. Ascendify starts with an AI-powered matching engine to pre-identify the best matches and then provides all the tools you need to make better hiring decisions based on a structured interview process and team collaboration.

Minimize unconscious bias and improve diversity

Structured interviews increase accuracy in assessing a person's fit and minimize unconscious bias. Built-in interview kits provide standardized questions to ask, answers to look for, skills to evaluate, and an easy to fill-out scorecard. Set up an equal and fair hiring process and improve the candidate's experience.

Easily move to a skill-based interview process

Powered by a 45,000 universal skills engine and a 5-level framework, interviewers can more accurately assess candidates on their capabilities. Interview questions are built right into the process and help teams consistently identify the best applicants for each role.

Teams collaborate on decisions for better results

Assign each interviewer a different area of focus and avoid asking repetitive questions. Share notes, click the thumbs-up or thumbs-down recommendation and highlight positive attributes or risks. Results are consolidated for a pre-hire huddle. Then, make smarter decisions together about which candidates to advance.

To accomplish our digital transformation, we needed to overhaul our recruiting strategy. We leveraged Ascendify, built on the foundation of a competency-based recruiting model to improve our quality of hires.

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