Applicant Management


Want better hiring outcomes? Start making smarter, data-driven decisions. This means a more intelligent way to identify the right people, what skills they have, and their future potential. Make better predictions through team collaboration and structured interviews.

Attract Engage Select Hire

Job Requisitions.

Set Up Job Openings
For Success.

Quickly create requisitions from one-click, job profile templates. Write the perfect job description and then re-use. Get creative and publish jobs that stand out. Add photos of the office, a video of the hiring manager or a map of nearby attractions. Build the hiring team and define attributes of the ideal candidate. Then, route for approval and post!

Screenshot - Set Up Job Openings

Easiest Candidate
Apply Available.

Other apps force applicants to create an account before they apply or take them through a complicated, multi-step process. That leads to applicant drop-off. Ascendify offers the most advanced, yet simple, single-page apply process available today. Easily configure forms, stay compliant and translate into 70+ languages.

Screenshot - Easiest Candidate Apply Available

Improve Results
Through Collaboration.

Collaborate on hiring and make better decisions. Start with an intake session to align on the need, salary, team and plan. Then, share notes on candidates using @mentions, including private notes. Share candidates with hiring managers and get feedback. Then, interview and make better decisions together.

Screenshot - Improve Results Through Collaboration


Icon - Intake Form

Every great hire starts with a great plan. Review the job description together, clarify needs, set salary expectations, develop interview questions, assemble the hiring team and set a deadline. Align hiring manager expectations early.


Icon - Hiring Team

Hiring great people takes great teamwork. Align sourcers, recruiters, hiring managers, coordinators and interviewers and get everyone involved. Automatically assign tasks, add reminders and set up structured interviews.


Icon - @ Mentions

Discuss candidates together, make team decisions. Quickly share notes with colleagues and loop anyone into the discussion. Keep confidential notes, such as compensation private, on a need-to-know basis.

Advanced Features.

Workflows & Automation.

Icon - Workflows & Automation

Tailor the hiring process to each business unit or department. Auto-trigger events based on workflow stage. Notify teams of new openings, new candidates and when offers are signed. Auto-disposition candidates after the opening is filled with just a few clicks. Lock-down stages to prevent critical steps from being skipped.

Enterprise Capabilities.

Icon - Enterprise Capabilities
  • Job profile templates
  • Intake forms & justification
  • Reportable custom fields
  • Knock-out & branching questions
  • Bulk actions & triggered events
  • "Remote" or multiple locations
  • Private compensation notes
  • Internal vs. external listings
  • Approval routing
  • XML feeds to job boards
  • Translate into 70+ languages
  • U.S. & global compliance

Interview Scheduling.

Smart, Interview
Scheduling Assistant.

Auto-schedule everything from phone screens to complex panel interviews — even book available conference rooms. Eliminate the back and forth and finding interview times and streamline efforts. Then, get gentle reminders about upcoming interviews.

Screenshot - Smart, Interview Scheduling Assistant

Candidates Can

Cut the effort in scheduling interviews by 80%. Let candidates self-schedule into open calendar blocks, saving recruiters and hiring managers hours of time playing calendar Tetris.

Screenshot - Candidates Can Self-Schedule

Improve the
Candidate Experience.

Give candidates the ability to put their best foot forward. Let them see who's interviewing them and what to expect so they can prepare ahead of time. A map with clickable driving directions or a login to a virtual interview gets things off to a great start.

Prep the
Interview Team.

Each member of the interview panel gets their own calendar invite with the candidate's resume and link to an interview kit so they're not searching for anything right before the interview and are more prepared.

Screenshot - Improve the Candidate Experience

When we created GE Digital, we needed people to drive our transformation. We used Ascendify's talent acquisition platform to recruit digital talent and promote talent into the right roles for our future.

- Jen Waldo, CHRO GE Digital

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Predictive Hiring.

Smart, Predictive

To increase quality of hire, stop making impulsive decisions and start relying on data. Learn exactly who has the skills for the role and what gaps exist. Take insights from each hire and adjust future assessments. See the future, hire accordingly.

Screenshot - Smart, Predictive Assessments


A structured process increases accuracy in assessing a person's fit for the job and minimizes unconscious bias. Ascendify's interview kits include the questions to ask, answers to look for, skills to evaluate, and an easy to fill-out scorecard. Setup a fair hiring process and improve the candidate's experience.

Screenshot - Structured Interviews

Predict Future

Ascendify's built-in skills framework enables you to more accurately assess candidates on their capabilities. Consistently identify the best applicants for positions based on skills for each role. Interview questions are included right in the process.

Screenshot - Predict Future Performance

Collaborate On
Decision Making.

Assign each interviewer a different area of focus and avoid asking the same questions over and over. Each interviewer identifies pros and cons and gives a thumbs-up or thumbs-down. Results are consolidated for a pre-hire huddle. Make smarter decisions about which candidates to advance.

Screenshot - Collaborate on Decision Making

Hiring Manager Portal.

Get Feedback On
Candidates Earlier.

Hiring managers are busy, yet their opinion on which candidates to move forward is essential. Now, there's an easy, fast way for hiring managers to keep the process moving. Managers simply review a slate of candidates and short-list those they want to advance - all from their mobile device.

Screenshot - Get Feedback on Candidates Earlier

Hiring Managers Are
Always Updated.

Schedule weekly progress reports to auto-send to hiring managers and keep everyone up to date. Reports include all recent activity, how many people in each stage, who's advancing, who's not moving forward, and why.

Screenshot - Hiring Managers Are Always Updated


Improve Quality of Hire
Through Referrals.

Referrals often make the best hires: they typically perform better, stay longer and boost morale. Ascendify encourages employees to participate, keeps them informed as their candidates move through the process and rewards them for their efforts.

Screenshot - Improve Quality of Hire Through Referrals

Gamify The Process.
Boost Involvement.

Build an internal talent engine. Setup a point system by job role for each region and currency. A personalized tracking link is generated for each referral, so points can be rewarded even if the opportunity is forwarded. Eliminate the overhead of manual tracking. Share the leaderboard and encourage participation.

Screenshot - Gamify the Process. Boost Involvement.

All Over.

Here's what a smart app can do: match people into talent pipelines, personalize content for candidates and auto-schedule interviews. Sourcing gets x-ray vision, selection becomes strategic, and the app gets smarter with every use.

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