Talent Acquisition


Here's what a smart app can do: personalize content based on applicant, automatically skill match people into talent pipelines, identify which team they fit into best and what learning programs boost their talents. Onboarding becomes strategic, planning has x-ray vision.

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Talent Relationship Management.

Talent is ideas, creativity, insights, knowledge and leadership. Identify and nurture top talent and there's no end to what they'll accomplish.

Talent Relationship Management

Career Websites.

We build, design and host sites that are mobile-responsive and career-immersive. It's a unified experience from first hello to welcome aboard. An intelligent app determines who candidates are, sets them up with their own dashboard and profile and motivates them with personalized content. Apply with mobile device or LinkedIn. Shazam.

Career Websites Career Websites - Mobile View

Talent Pipelines.

Automatically organize talent into pre-defined pipelines by job role. Smart data tells you how long each hire will take and how long to fill a specific request. This is how workforce planning becomes more strategic and proactive. Candidates are raring to go and already prepped with the right skills and engaging content. That's one search, 200+ million people.

Talent Pipelines Talent Pipelines - Mobile View

Recruitment Marketing.

Create and automate campaigns, track all touchpoints and discover what content works best. Recruiting is now revealing.

Employee Referrals.

Gamify the process, boost involvement, gain insights on who makes the best referrals. It's your internal talent engine.

Diversity Programs.

Build diversity and inclusion programs and initiatives like college or executive recruiting. One smart app to recruit and track.

"We looked at all other enterprise-class software including Taleo and Workday, but Ascendify was the best end-to-end talent platform that combined a TRM, ATS, referrals, and onboarding into one platform, and built for our large, global needs."

Anastasia Bartolucci - Senior Manager,
Global Talent Acquisition & Brand at Panasonic

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Applicant Tracking System.

When you tap machine learning, you learn infinitely more about candidates. This makes everything from talent assessment to onboarding smarter and smarter.

Applicant Tracking System

Predictive Assessments.

Understand who has the exact skills for the role and what learning gaps exist. Determine the ideal training and predict how quickly people will learn and perform. Track capability growth of existing employees. Now, widen the focus. Take these insights to adjust future hiring to build more talented teams. See the future, hire accordingly.

Predictive Assessments Predictive Assessments - Mobile View

Employee Onboarding.

Bring strategy on board. Tap smart data to create personalized 90 and 180 day learning programs to fill skill gaps you've identified in recruiting. Provide training, stretch projects, leadership initiatives all based on the specific individual. Now they're on board, already energized and geared for success.

Employee Onboarding Employee Onboarding - Mobile View

Job Requisitions.

Define capabilities for the role, automatically post to the right job boards, add photos and video, predict hiring timeframes.

Interview Scheduling.

Discover which people on your interview team make the best decisions. Gain a feedback loop of insights that elevates hiring quality.

Offer Letters.

Sign offers from a mobile device, view past compensation levels, track why people said yes or no, accelerate hiring speed.

All Over.

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The intelligence goes round and round again. Build predictive analytics into the entire journey and you’re infinitely smarter.

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