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Apps designed to bring people together.

Organizations that hire the best talent gain a significant advantage in the market. Yet, most organizations do not have the tools they need to connect with today’s top talent. Ascendify helps organizations stay competitive with latest advancements in recruiting to attract and engage talent and select the candidates that are most likely to succeed. Request a demo of any of our solutions below — we’d be thrilled to show how we can help.



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Add a recruitment marketing
platform to your existing ATS

Ascendify's Recruitment Marketing Platform transforms how your team attracts and engages talent by combining employer branding, nurturing campaigns, career websites, candidate relationship management (CRM), talent communities, employee referrals, campus events and diversity initiatives into one unified solution. The platform seamlessly integrates with your existing applicant tracking system (ATS) to modernize your team's collaboration without changing your core workflows.

  •   Centralize recruitment marketing
  •   Build employer brand
  •   Develop talent pipelines
  •   Improve candidate experience
  •   Reduce advertising spend

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End-to-end, talent acquisition
platform for large companies

With our Talent Acquisition Platform, we've reimagined the experience for candidates, recruiters and hiring managers. Ascendify brings people closer together, drives collaboration and helps everyone make better decisions. Our complete, easy to use app focuses on people and combines recruitment marketing, applicant tracking, interview scheduling, competency assessments, offer letters and onboarding into one seamless platform. Deliver an elegant candidate experience from first impression to first day.

  •   Drive team collaboration
  •   Better, data-driven decisions
  •   Mobile experiences for everyone
  •   Less integration headaches
  •   Enterprise peace of mind

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Elegant experiences for everyone

When an application’s interface is complex and hard to use, people stop using the software and everything breaks down. Ascendify is a new hiring app for teams that’s beautifully designed for people that love to collaborate. Candidates get a wonderful experience, recruiters and hiring managers are closer than ever, the entire team is better prepared and the end results are amazing.

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Stay connected, any device

Work together wherever you are – on your phone, tablet or computer. Watch how everything moves forward more quickly when everyone stays connected.

Do more, together

Reach new levels of collaboration. Get out of email and send messages using @mentions right in the app. Recruiters easily share top candidates and hiring managers give instant feedback.

Improve quality of hire

Ascendify helps teams make smarter, data-driven decisions with a more structured interview process and makes everyone’s jobs easier, more efficient, and hey, even a bit more fun.

Ascendify for Staffing and RPO

Want to use Ascendify at a Staffing or RPO agency? We've built the only modern, enterprise-class solution that delivers a multi-tenant environment. Improve team productivity and deliver better service. Find out how below.

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