Deliver better hiring outcomes

Improve team collaboration, streamline recruiting processes and leverage data to make stronger hiring decisions

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Easily find and select the best talent

Quickly sort candidates and narrow the resume pile. Use forms to collect qualifying information and advanced search and filter tools to narrow results. Share conversations and maintain a history of every interaction so you'll make solid decisions.

Easily find people with advanced search

Search everything including the text of the resume, skills, tags, notes, history. Filter by pipeline or list and narrow by location, company or school.

Instantly see the status of every project

Tracking the progression of hundreds of candidates across open requisitions can get complex. Ascendify's dashboard provides a comprehensive view so you can manage workflows and stay on top of tasks. Need to take action on someone? Just click to open their profile.

One candidate profile, many views

Ascendify is people-centric, not requisition-focused. That means one person can appear in multiple projects, folders or lists. This avoids duplicates with the same email or phone number. Candidates and recruiters can add social profiles or additional documents such as a cover letter or portfolio.

Crowdsource intelligence on the best hires

Employee referrals often make the best hires and lower recruiting costs. Ascendify shows you which candidates were referred, so you can act quickly. Candidates can also request an employee referral from someone they know at the organization.

Keep track of notes and confidential information

All notes from the hiring team are tracked with each candidate profile, all in one central place.

Instantly see a history of every interaction

Candidates often have multiple interactions with your organization, yet most apps make past information hard to find. Ascendify brings the history of every candidate together in one place.







Make smart, informed hiring decisions

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Improve accuracy in assessing qualifications

Use competencies and a structured interview process to help teams increase accuracy in assessing a person's suitability for a job — minimize bias and impulsive decision-making.

Lower the number of unqualified applicants

Ask applicants to answer a different set of questions for each role. Use responses to easily filter out applicants who do not meet the minimum requirements.

Give hiring managers exactly what they want

Use screening questions and competency assessments to build a list of applicants that have the required skills and experience your hiring managers are seeking.

Setup every requisition for success

Ascendify combines a modern experience with enterprise-class applicant tracking system — the result is a powerful new way to efficiently move candidates through custom hiring workflows.

Get creative. Publish jobs that stand out.

Enhance mundane job descriptions and requirements: add photos of your office, a video from leadership, social profiles of the team and a map with nearby attractions.

Quickly create opportunities from templates

Create new opportunities from pre-defined templates or clone existing jobs. Share approved job roles throughout the organization, define skill requirements and standardize interviews.

Tailor the workflow process for each opportunity

Different roles, departments and organizations require different workflows. Set custom workflows for each job while maintaining standardized reporting accross the organization.

Move faster on candidates with automated approvals

Being first gives you the advantage. Impress candidates with a streamlined offer signing process. Busy teams can play their part from any device — no more waiting on everyone else.

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Review and accept new job requisitions by email

Ascendify routes approval requests to all the right people: hiring managers, HR leaders and finance. Route sequentially or all at once. Approve on behalf of others and keep an audit trail of every action.

Streamline and expedite the offer process

Send offer letters electronically and close offers in a fraction of the time. Once the hiring decision is made, engage candidates quickly and win them over before the competition.



Collaborate on hiring, improve
relationships, deliver results

The best teams know that collaboration is the key to making a successful hire. By defining a game plan and clearly identifying requirements of a project, teams can align and deliver a better experience to hiring managers.

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Coordinate more effectively as a team

Build a team of sourcers, recruiters, hiring managers, coordinators and peer interviewers and get everyone involved. Assign tasks, add reminders and easily set up interviews.

Align hiring manager expectations early

Every great hire starts with a great plan. Review the job description together, clarify needs, set salary expectations, develop interview questions, assemble the hiring team and set a deadline.

Discuss candidates together, make team decisions

Quickly share notes with colleagues and loop anyone into the discussion. Keep confidential notes, such as compensation, private to control visibility.

Streamline hiring manager reviews

Engage hiring managers wherever they are — send qualified candidates to their mobile device and keep the process moving. Short-list candidates, share resumes and notes, and answers to screening quetions. Quickly move the best candidates forward and save time.





Technical Skills

Predict future performance.

Ascendify's competency framework enables you to accurately assess candidates on skills and abilities during the interview. Consistently identify the best applicants for positions based on validated competency models for each role.

Want better outcomes? Conduct better interviews

Eliminate the back and forth and streamline scheduling. Assign each team members different areas of focus, then consolidate results for a complete picture of the candidate. Avoid repetitive questions and improve the candidate experience. Accurately assess applicant capabilities and make great hiring decisions.

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Stop wasting time on scheduling

Easily schedule everything from phone screens to complex interview panels — even book conference rooms. Prepare interviewers with predefined questions. Then, get reminders about upcoming interviews.

Script the interview from start to finish

Ascendify's interview kit includes everything an interviewer needs to conduct a structured interview: resume, job description, interview questions, what to look for, a scorecard, and even a way to message other team members — right from the interview.

Make the best hiring decisions for your organization

Each interviewer identifies candidate pros and cons and fills out a scorecard with an overall thumbs-up or thumbs-down. Results are consolidated to guide the discussion in the post interview meeting. Build consensus and make smarter decisions about which candidates to advance.

Interview Scheduling



Finish your work in half the time and leave early

When you spend all day in a recruiting app, every second counts. The time it takes to perform routine tasks adds up. Ascendify helps you lighten your workload and increase your efficiency with hundreds of time savers.

Take actions in bulk

Save time acting on each candidate individually. Move candidates into pipelines, progress them to the next stage, email them, disposition and send a notification — all in bulk.

Auto-trigger workflows

Set up triggers to automate workflows. Notify sourcing teams of new projects, hiring teams of new candidates and recruiters when offers are signed. Choose from dozens of pre-defined triggers or create your own.

Set tasks & reminders

Stay on top of candidate follow up, upcoming interviews, approvals and onboarding tasks. Send reminders to others about their action items with just one click and eliminate redundant steps. Keep everything organized and on track.

Communicate and stay connected with talent

The key to building stronger relationships is great communication. Keep candidates informed at every stage and deliver personalized messages. Remain compliant by letting candidates choose their communication preferences

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Communicate with candidates by text message

Share a job opening, confirm a meeting, invite them to an event and let them know the next step in the process. Choose from a library of pre-written 140 character messages or write your own.

Steamline communication with pre-written message templates

Create personalized message templates and improve the candidate experience. Send a pre-written message for each step (thank-you, schedule interview, move forward, decline a candidate). Set up field codes as variable names and mail merge. Disposition right away and delay messages to arrive in the future.

Rest assured by staying compliant

Ascendify helps protect organizations against data privacy issues and prohibited communication practices. Candidates can set communication preferences and opt-in to receiving email or SMS/text messages when they join a community or apply to a job.

Prepare and route offer letters in a few clicks

Build a library of offer letter templates — simply embed field codes and mail-merge. Setup multiple offer letters for different departments or divisions. Automatically route for internal approval and keep a history of multiple offers. All offer letters are securely stored and appropriately hidden.

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Reduce risk with integrated background checks

Protect your business, ensure sound hiring decisions and create a safer work environment. Leverage Ascendify's third-party connectors to plug into leading employment verification solutions. Automate background checks and receive results, right from inside the app.

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Get peace of mind with enterprise
security and compliance

Unlike other new talent acquisition solutions on the market, Ascendify was built for large, global organizations from day one. Take comfort in knowing your security, compliance and IT teams will find the necessary protections already in place.

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