Attract and engage brilliant talent

Engage passive talent, strengthen your employer brand
and improve the candidate's experience

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Make a great first impression

Top talent wants to understand your mission and be inspired. Tell your story and bring your employer brand to life. Use Ascendify's talent communities to modernize your existing web experience or leverage our creative services team to design, build and manage your career portal.

Share employee stories and make connections

Today’s branding is transparent and authentic. People prefer to learn about your organization through your people. Every organization has a unique culture, share yours.

Engage candidates with articles and posts

Share important news with candidates. Give them compelling reasons to want to work with you.

Help them visualize right where they fit in

Today’s top talent is hard to find and even harder to engage. Personalize the experience for each candidate and build stronger relationships. Immerse candidates into your unique culture.

Deliver the ultimate candidate experience

A great employer brand starts with a great candidate experience. Ascendify helps your company deliver an engaging, professional experience and keeps them informed at each stage — building trust along the way.

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Easily build long-term relationships with talent

Most candidates that visit your website are not ready to apply. Quickly convert them into leads by asking them to join your community and begin a relationship.

Give candidates an easy and fast apply process

To connect with the best talent, organizations must eliminate complex, time-consuming forms and let candidates apply from a mobile device. Information from a resume or social profile should be extracted into the proper fields quickly and automatically.

View a more complete picture of every candidate

Candidates can upload resumes and other documents, such as a portfolio of work, answer job-related questions and connect their online social profiles.

Personalize the experience and stay in touch

Use email and SMS campaigns to share relevant news and events with prospects. Let them know about new opportunities that may be opening soon.

Recommend job openings to candidates

Promote job openings with a map interface and customizable search criteria. Stand out by enhancing job listings with photos and videos.

Say good-bye to the black hole forever

Every candidate gets a dashboard that shows where they are in the process. Encourage engagement with your team by allowing them to send a message to a community manager.






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Your choice on implementation — get started today

Leverage Our Creative Team

Get up and running more quickly with a fully-hosted career website. Ascendify's creative team works with your recruiting team to design, build and host your career portal. Leave it to our pros to craft the best experience.

Do-It-Yourself Widgets

Your tech team leverages our API widgets to embed Ascendify right into your existing website with just a few lines of code. Deliver a more seamless experience and match your brand more closely. Use internal resources and save.

Improve quality of hire through referrals

Employee referrals are often the best hires: they perform better, stay longer and boost morale. And, though most employees would refer people from their network, a complicated referral process at most companies gets in the way. Ascendify makes the process more efficient and encourages employees to refer people to open opportunities: saving time and money.

product screenshot of referrals
product screenshot of referrals
product screenshot of referrals

Reward employees for their participation

Make it easy for your team to share job openings. Reward employees for sharing on social networks, submitting a referral or even inviting friends to join a community. Update employees on where their referrals stand in the process and save HR's time responding to inquires.

Centrally manage a referral program

Eliminate the overhead of manual tracking. Modify the program by job function, country, region, or currency. A personalized tracking link is generated for each referral, so points can be rewarded even if the opportunity is forwarded. Connect to payment systems and automate rewards.

Track success of the program and make it fun

Keep your employees informed about hot jobs. Recognize top referring employees with leaderboards. Employees are kept informed as their referrals move through the process.

Build communities and engage talent

Ascendify’s talent communities help attract groups of talent that are needed for key business initiatives. Deliver special, personalized communication that targets exactly the people you are looking to engage.

Build a vibrant, growing talent network

Build a bench of people that are ready to fill key roles, both now and in the future. Ask candidates to join communities and automatically route them into pipelines based on professional interests, skills, or location.

Put military experience to work at your organization

Veterans bring invaluable experience, skills and values to the civilian workplace. Build a talent network of highly skilled veterans and develop a new channel for recruiting talent.

Reach diversity goals faster

Companies with diversity programs usually always outperform the less diverse organizations. Attract and retain the best and diverse talent and deliver on your organization's promise to ensure that individuals of all backgrounds have the opportunity to achieve their full potential.

Build talent pools of contingent labor

Mobility and connectivity are redefining the make-up of our workforce. Most organizations supplement their workforce with contingent labor. Ascendify makes it easy to build and maintain talent pools of part-time staff, seasonal employees, hourly workers or independent consulting professionals that can help your organization scale quickly when needed.

Stay connected with former colleagues

Develop a comprehensive corporate alumni outreach program. Ascendify includes all the technology, marketing tools and professional services to launch, grow and engage with corporate alumni members.






Get maximum exposure for your jobs

Top talent is harder than ever to find. With Ascendify, your teams will have all the latest tools working for them to attract the best candidates.

Job Distribution

Post to job boards, manage inventory and optimize performance without ever leaving the application. Correlate expenses to hires and focus spending on the sites that produce results. Stay in compliance with EEO and OFCCP regulations.

Search Optimization

Leverage Ascendify’s SEO automation to gain higher rankings, drive more traffic, and maximize inbound candidate traffic. Ascendify ensures your jobs rise to the top. SEO-optimized landing pages for requisitions are automatically generated: URL, headers, and keyword tags are all optimized to drive traffic. Our mobile-responsive career sites rank higher in Google searches.

Social Recruiting

Invite employees and candidates to share jobs across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networks to boost the visibility of your openings. Build a Facebook careers tab and identify potential candidates among a pool of talent that is already a fan of your brand.

Easily distribute openings where job seekers
will find them

Post to your own career website, free and paid job boards, colleges, niche career websites and diversity networks. Encourage employees to share job openings over social networks. Measure which job boards produce the best results and maximize your recruiting spend.

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* Ascendify includes job distribution to social networks and top job boards. Additional niche sites,
international networks, diversity networks and college networks is powered by eQuest at an additional fee.