Build and nurture pipelines of future hires

Spend less time sourcing and more time building genuine relationships. Then, convert passive talent into qualified applicants when the time is right to apply.

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Build a bench of talent to fill key roles

Candidates that join the talent network are automatically sorted into pipelines matching their experience, skills, and location. Save hours of time moving people around. Then, job alerts automatically notify them of future, matching openings.

Say goodbye to one-off spreadsheets

Help recruiters move off isolated spreadsheets and into a collaborative platform where candidates are tracked and shared across the organization. Quickly and easily import leads from recruiting events. Keep everything organized.

Quickly build talent pools

Adding candidates to the Talent CRM is fast. All Resumes/CV's and social profiles are parsed into searchable records and candidates are automatically categorized into the appropriate pipelines. Duplicate records are unified and refreshed.

Powerful tools eliminate tedious data entry


Have folders full of resumes/CV's (Word and PDF)? Simply drag them over in bulk.

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Highlight the text of a candidate's social profile or bio from anywhere on the web to create a record.

Upload spreadsheets

Start with a CSV template to import data or map data from your exiting spreads.

Forward an email

Simply forward an email with the candidate's resume/CV attachment (Word or PDF) to Resume Dropbox to create a profile.

Custom Forms

Create forms to collect information. Candidates can upload their resume or get started with their LinkedIn profile.

Add from open web

Instantly search 775+ million public, social profiles for matching candidates and bring talent over in bulk.

Rediscover top talent in your ATS

Fill new job openings faster by maintaining warm relationships with prior applicants who were a fit for the previous role. Keep them engaged with job alerts, campaigns, recruiting events and silver medalist programs.

Keep talent organized and easily searchable

Save people to favorites and tag talent with keywords. Skills are automatically added and made searchable. Candidates can be added to multiple pipelines and dynamic lists of people can be shared with others for collaboration.

Identify the best matches faster

Spend less time sifting through unqualified resumes. Ascendify's AI-powered matching engine prioritizes candidates based on best fit. Candidates are stack-ranked using an unbiased Match Score based on the specific location, skills, experience and educational requirements of the role.

Turn former employees into loyal alumni

Start making more boomerang hires. Develop an alumni program for past employees, part-time contractors and seasonal workers. Ascendify includes all the tools to launch, grow and engage a talent community of previous workers.

All activity is automatically logged

Every interaction and touchpoint is recorded with a date/time stamp so you'll know everything about the candidate before you reach out. View all prior communication from anyone on the team. Now, everyone stays in the loop.

Discover insights and make predictions

Get deep data and analytics tracking. Track the original source and every subsequent touch point and identify the patterns that lead to success. Monitor the health of talent pipelines and manage team performance.

Our recruiting team was on spreadsheets. The challenge was we had no visibility into the history with each candidate and recruiters sometimes overlapped on the same person. And, the data was lost if a recruiter left. The Ascendify team was wonderful in helping us import all our old spreadsheets into the CRM and organized our talent pipelines so we could transform to more of a modern approach.

VP, Talent Acquisition
International Automotive Brand