Talent Development

Super Glue.

How do you keep talented people? You use machine learning to nurture, motivate, engage and build a vibrant, supportive culture. When people see their most rewarding future is right in front of them, they're happy to stay. Your talent stays super tight.

Ascendify Aspire.

Energize your workforce, identify hidden talent and retain key people. Ascendify Aspire comes with an Intelligent Career Assistant that empowers employees with a clear and actionable path within your organization. Now, a personalized virtual career coach is just a click away.

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Employee Career Center

Capability Assessments.

Capability assessments are built into every app from recruiting and learning to performance and succession. People see their knowledge gaps and the recommended learning assets, stretch projects and leadership programs that can deepen their skillset. These self-development tools help everyone boost their career. It's machine learning meets coaching.

Capability Assessments Capability Assessments - Mobile View

Talent Marketplace.

Call it turbo talent. People can initiate and lead projects or simply select a team. The intelligent app presents each person with specific initiatives and teams that fit their talents and interests. Smart data plays match-maker and the result is higher motivation and knowledge. This is the future — not people fitting into jobs — jobs inspired by people.

Talent Marketplace

Learning Acceleration.

Machine learning tells how long it takes to train people and gives recommendations to get there. Gain insight on skills and dev time.

Pulse Surveys.

Engagement that's data-driven, feedback with impact, voices that are heard, cultures that are energized. Survey up!

Leadership Programs.

Predictive success metrics, learning assets that speed up skills, data to select people on merit, not bias and gut feel.

"When we created GE Digital, we needed people to drive our transformation. We used Ascendify's talent acquisition platform to hire and recruit digital talent and its talent management platform to develop, grow and promote talent into the right roles for our future."

Jen Waldo, CHRO GE Digital

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Enterprise People Planning.

Succession, talent pipelines, assessments and constructive feedback loops. All scenarios where data intelligence makes decisions more enlightened.

Enterprise People Planning

Succession Planning.

The first app to combine succession planning with recruiting pipelines so there's a mix of internal and external candidates. Engage talent earlier and start developing even before they join. Smart data aligns skill sets to roles and alerts you when candidates are ready. Make who's next a known.

Succession Planning Succession Planning - Mobile View

Talent Intelligence.

Burning questions: who to hire, how much to pay, internal or external, which candidate is a better fit, what growth activities and talent initiatives have traction, who might be leaving soon? Machine learning and analytics make all these answers and recommendations smarter. Connect data points from all apps in one place. Intelligence intensifies.

Talent Intelligence Talent Intelligence - Mobile View

Workforce Planning.

Forecast the next workforce, stay agile for strategic shifts, bring data, people and plans into one smart app. Think proactive.

Job Structure.

Define job specs, set expected levels, map skills to roles and work with capability models.

Performance Management.

Goals, feedback, assessments, reputation, projects and growth all in one place. Smart data that makes it agile and insightful.

All Over.

Smarter All Over - Infinity Graphic

What if your talent platform became more intelligent with every hire, on-boarding, training course and performance evaluation? This is what happens when predictive analytics embraces its nurturing side.

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Smarter All Over - Infinity Graphic - Mobile View