A personalized virtual career coach is just a click away.



A personalized virtual career coach is just a click away.


Career Aspirations Realized.

Your talent wants to grow and reach their full potential. Yet most employees don’t know where to go nor how to get started, which leads to poor engagement and low morale. Ascendify Aspire is an AI-powered career tool that helps people chart a path that aligns to your business needs – then guides them each step of the way.

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Ascendify Aspire

The Intelligent Career Assistant empowers employees with a clear and actionable career path inside your organization.

Energize Your Workforce.

Nothing is more motivating than visualizing opportunities for growth. Aspire enables every employee to accelerate their career development.

Identify Hidden Talent.

Managers and team leads get data on employees: their skills, ability to fit into teams, and hidden gems in the organization whom they can match to projects.

Retain Key People.

If they can't see a future internally, they’ll likely look for a new role externally. Aspire ensures that engaged, energized people will stay longer and be more productive.

Gets to Know You.

The assistant learns your skills, passions and interests and helps you get where you want to go. Employees see the skill levels for their current and future roles, and how they measure up.

Gets to Know You

Identifies Gaps.

Machine learning meets coaching. People see their knowledge gaps through capability assessments from themselves, their managers and their colleagues, which improves data validity.

Identifies Gaps

Recommends a Career Path.

Aspire recommends upward mobility as well as lateral and cross-functional moves inside the organization. Employees see where to go and how they can get there.

Recommends a Career Path

Smarter with Every Use.

The assistant makes smart recommendations about what books, videos and classes will help, as well as stretch projects to join to develop skills needed to advance on the job. Aspire even shares skills that are predicted to be most in demand in the future.

Smarter with Every Use

Brings People Together.

Helps you identify potential mentors, advisors and people that can help you. Identify who’s currently in the role you seek, then reach out for an informational interview.

Brings People Together

"Our objective at Cisco is to create a career-focused culture where employees are able to grow their capabilities. The goal of My Development Space is to increase employee retention, grow employees’ skills and prepare them for both horizontal and upward positions."

Elaine Mason,
VP of People Planning Design and Analytics

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