Talent Relationship Management

From First Hello to Welcome Aboard.

Now’s the time to inject true intelligence into your talent acquisition process. Workforce planning becomes more strategic, proactive and smarter all over.

Ascendify Helps You Deliver The Ultimate Candidate Experience.

Attract and Engage Brilliant Talent.

Top talent wants to understand your mission and be inspired. Tell your story and bring your employer brand to life. Use Ascendify's talent communities to modernize your existing web experience, or leverage our creative services team to design, build and manage your career portal. We’ll make it mobile-responsive and career-immersive.

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Kickstart a True Talent Community.

A great employer brand starts with a great candidate experience. Ascendify helps your company deliver an engaging, professional experience and keeps them informed at each stage — building trust along the way.

Many candidates that visit your website are not ready to apply. Quickly convert them into leads by asking them to join your community and begin a relationship.

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Improve Quality of Hire.

Employee referrals are often the best hires: they perform better, stay longer and boost morale. And though most employees will refer people from their networks, a complicated referral process at most companies gets in the way. Ascendify makes the process more efficient and encourages employees to refer people to open opportunities: saving time and money.

Build Your Community – And Your Talent Bench.

Ascendify’s talent communities help attract groups of talent that are needed for key business initiatives. Deliver special, personalized communication that targets exactly the people you are looking to engage.

Ascendify also allows you to build a bench of people that are ready to fill key roles, both now and in the future. Ask candidates to join communities and automatically route them into pipelines based on professional interests, skills, or location.

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Ascendify Helps you Spend Less Time Sourcing and More Time Building Relationships.

Eliminate Tedious Data Entry.

Recruiting and sourcing teams lose hours each week on manual data entry. Ascendify's powerful tools help teams more quickly build an extensive talent network, allowing them to spend valuable time building meaningful connections.

Sourcing and recruiting teams can quickly add candidates, in just a few clicks, from other sources as they search the web. Ascendify automatically parses online profiles into contact records and even checks for duplicates.

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Keep Talent Organized and Within Reach.

Quickly grow an extensive network and keep talent organized in searchable groups. Ascendify's automated processes organize the data so your teams are more productive.

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Build a World-Class Diversity Hiring Program.

Easily stay in touch with talent and develop long-term relationships. Then, convert passive talent into qualified applicants when the time is right for them to apply.

Ascendify’s TRM platform allows you to create newsletters, invitations, event registrations, job alerts, and more. Simply select a list of people, choose a template, insert content based on skills and interests, preview and press send.

Build a World-Class Diversity Hiring Program.

Build diversity and inclusion programs and initiatives like college or executive recruiting. Ascendify lets you set up corporate-sponsored talent communities focused on women, minorities, military veterans, individuals with disabilities, and other groups you want to attract. One smart app to recruit and track.

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