Improve hiring outcomes through collaboration

Hiring great people takes great teamwork. Align sourcers, recruiters, hiring managers, coordinators and interviewers and get everyone involved.

Every great hire starts with a shared plan

Create job profiles and intake forms for key roles and get everyone on the same page. Align hiring manager expectations early.

Collaborate on decision-making and improve outcomes.

Clarify needs, set expectations, develop interview questions, assemble the hiring team and set a deadline.

Set up interview kits and scorecards for each role and start interviewing with a more bias-free focus on skills.

Predictive Hiring

Take a collaborative approach to every opportunity

The best hiring outcomes come when sourcers, recruiters and hiring managers work together.

Give hiring managers a simple, real-time portal to view candidates slates and dashboards that keep them updated.

Get feedback earlier on which candidates to move forward in the process.

Hiring Manager Portal

Unify decision-making and improve outcomes

Discuss candidates together and make team decisions. Quickly share notes with colleagues and loop anyone into the discussion.

Communication Center centralizes all emails and text/SMS messages to and from the candidate, across all recruiters in one place.

Give recruiters a complete history of the entire conversation with each candidate.

Share notes on candidates using @mentions.

Keep confidential notes, such as compensation, private.

Communication Center

Start making recruiting more of a team sport with Ascendify.